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Dr. Kuchenbecker teaches the MEAM 625: Haptic Interfaces course. This class provides a graduate-level introduction to the field of haptics, which involves human interaction with real, remote, and virtual objects through the sense of touch.

Primary class topics include human haptic sensing and control, haptic interface design, virtual environment rendering methods, teleoperation control algorithms, and system evaluation; current applications for these technologies are highlighted, and important techniques are demonstrated in a laboratory setting. Coursework includes problem sets, programming assignments, reading and discussion of research papers, and a final project. Appropriate for students in any engineering discipline with interest in robotics, dynamic systems, controls, or human-computer interaction. Please see the MEAM 625 syllabus for more information.

This class was taught in Spring of 2008, Spring of 2009, and Fall of 2010. It will not be taught again in the near future, but interested students can begin to explore haptics and related robotics topics in the MEAM520: Introduction to Robotics class.